Simon Falconer

Simon Falconer


Simon is Resolve’s founder and Managing Director and wants his customers to have an exceptional experience. Simon maintains long-term customer relationships and drives Resolve to be the best.

Simon started as a UNIX Computer Operator with the Ministry of Health changing back-up tapes and typing obscure commands into long since obsolete computer systems. He worked for government and telecommunication firms before crossing over into pre-sales and then a  Country-Manager role at Sybase, a subsidiary of SAP.

Simon is a Priest in the Anglican Diocese of Wellington and resides in Otaki where he looks after a small rural parish.

Simon enjoys time with his wife and two boisterous boys, he loves watching cricket, reading, guitar and dreams of having time again to fly aeroplanes and snowboard.

Jessica Falconer

Jessica Falconer

Operations Director

Jessica is Resolve’s Operations Director and runs the business day to day. She graduated from the University of Otago with an LLB in 2000. Jessica’s professional background was investigating mergers and cartels at the Commerce Commission.

Jessica is strongly process and analytically driven. She likes systems and is the driver behind Resolve’s excellent service delivery.

Jessica likes spending time with her husband and two angelic boys. She also loves all things science fiction and the family's annual trip to Armageddon.