Resolve’s fixed cost IT solution
  • Know what your bill will be
  • No surprises
  • Full management of your devices
  • Focus on making things work, rather than fixing

Every business hates surprise bills, this service takes away that risk. For a set cost every month, Resolve will manage your devices. No more surprise bills, no more unexpected costs.

The great thing about Smart Manage is that Resolve engineers focus their attention on making things work, instead on fixing things that are broken. Traditional IT shops make their money by fixing problems – so there is not a lot of incentive to make everything run smoothly. Why set up a script to run a printer properly if you make money every time someone has to ring to get it reconnected? With Smart Manage, Resolve switches the focus to making everything hum and sing. It comes from our underlying philosophy that Resolve wants your IT to be invisible – it should just work, so that you can get on with your work.

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