A smarter and more secure way to send your files

Transfer large files with ease

Everyone knows the frustration of trying to send a large file out to a client under a tight timeline, only to have it bounce back. SmartShare is an easy to use solution that integrates with Outlook to create a seamless file sharing experience within your firm’s existing IT infrastructure.

Data sovereignty guarantee: All information stays in New Zealand

At Resolve, we understand how essential it is that your information and the legal information of your clients’ is secure, accessible and easily transferable. SmartShare is an innovative, highly secure and personalised file sharing system that will fulfil your need to send, receive and share files. SmartShare is our cost-effective file sharing system that will allow you to have full control over your information with 100% guaranteed data sovereignty. All data with Resolve stays securely in New Zealand.

Private server solution specific to your firms needs and requirements

SmartShare allows you to personalise your file sharing system with your firm’s brand. All files will be presented as your files with the online portal branded with your very own logo. Your clients and collaborators will know they are protected dealing with a familiar interface and your own system. In addition, your firm can customize the level of security for each file you send with expiry dates or frequency of downloads.

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