Resolve is a certified Microsoft Partner that designs, implements and supports solutions and services for SharePoint; both on-premise and hosted via Office 365.

Our personalised and trusted 365 solution enables your team to:

  • move into the future with a secure digital workspace in a cost-effective way;
  • have the latest data security;
  • enhance collaboration and improve employee integration and teamwork; and
  • efficiently manage your IT costs for now and the future.

365 projects can be confusing and complex, work with our team to make the transition simple.

SharePoint is very flexible and can be tailored to your needs completely. Resolve will help you design a bespoke solution for your specific needs, precise functionality and spend options.

SharePoint on Office 365

Make the move today! With our tried and tested migration, we make moving to SharePoint on Office hassle and pain-free. We help businesses make the most out of their migration or upgrade investments.

We can help you migrate from existing file servers to SharePoint on Office 365. We also do SharePoint upgrades to SharePoint on Office 365.


SharePoint integrates with a variety of different software and workflows to help your business be more efficient. Talk to us today about integrating Document Automation, CRM and Practice Management Software with SharePoint.

Technical Support

SharePoint issues can be addressed in fast with our fantastic 24/7 Service Desk. With our dedicated team of SharePoint technicians, you get access to the technical expertise and advice that you need, when you need it.

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