Reliable IT at a cost suitable to any small or medium business
  • No need for expensive IT infrastructure
  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • A scalable pricing system with no capital costs, pay for only as many people as you need
  • 24/7 support and backup systems
  • Secure file storage, email, calendar, backup and Microsoft applications included
  • Move away from traditional PCs with simple thin terminal devices or ‘bring your own device’
  • Applications with licenses (e.g. Microsoft office) are fully managed and updated by Resolve.

Big business reliability. Big business flexibility. Big business service. Smart Cloud is our total cloud hosting solution, providing a big business platform at a cost any small to medium business can afford.

Smart Cloud gives you access to a best-of-breed, remotely managed server, housed in a purpose-built facility and managed by over 25 professional engineers and staff – removing any need for server infrastructure, staff or contractors within your business.

With Smart Cloud you can log on to your desktop and access your data and applications anywhere you are, just as if you were in the office. At the beach or on the road, Smart Cloud makes remote work simple and affordable.

The Smart Cloud solution is designed and priced on a per seat basis – customers have no hardware costs, and therefore no capital expenditure. For a predicable, fixed monthly cost from as little as $195 per person, per month, you get the benefit of world-class infrastructure with 24/7 support and backup.

Each staff member receives a complete hardware and software package, that includes highly secure file storage, advanced email and calendar services, built-in automatic backups and Microsoft Office suite along with your current business software.

Smart Cloud customers also have the option of dispensing with PCs and moving to simple thin client technology. Thin clients are simple PC replacements that give you a ‘window’ into your hosted computer environment. They store no data, are highly secure and have no moving parts – so don’t breakdown. With no PC fleet to maintain, customers can cut back on both maintenance and support and will reduce capital expenditure.

An additional advantage of the Smart Cloud solution is that all Microsoft products, including Windows, Office Suite, are included in the one monthly fee. Never buy or upgrade software again. Specialist products, for instance MYOB, can also be priced in to the low monthly fee. You’ll never struggle with software upgrades or patching again.

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