The Smart way to send your files

Posted on Jun 9, 2017 in Company news, Security

We have all been there, close to throwing our cup of coffee across the room in sheer frustration while attempting to share large files under a tight timeline, only to have the email message bounce back. If you find yourself working with large files on a regular basis chances are you have experienced this exasperation, most likely at the worst possible time.

A lot of us instinctively think of email as the weapon of choice for every kind of file transfer. This is what we are familiar with and often all we are aware of.  If it aids our communication daily, sending information to friends, our team and clients why would it not work for everything else, including a platform to send our files?

However, email has its limitations and using email should be considerd a no-go for file transfer as email technology was never designed for large file sharing. Email is also limited by:

  • Tight size restrictions for attachments
  • Security risks
  • Very slow up and download speeds
  • Mail servers blocking specific file types and arbitrarily refusing to send messages
  • Limited audit functionality

It is very easy to trust email because it is a familiar, but do we really know what is happening to that message as traverses the internet?

Many people are unaware of their obligations or the best practices for handling sensite client data, once an email has been sent that content could end up anywhere, most likely at the discretion of a 3rd party.  This is not a comforting thought.

Resolve understands, how essential it is that your information and the data of your clients’ is secure, accessible and easily transferable.

To this end Resolve has built a solution for this frustration, we call it SmartShare.

SmartShare is an ideal peer to peer file sharing system that can end your file sharing frustrations. It is fully encrypted and is a highly secure environment built to exceed the most demanding security requirements.  Audit is built into the tool, all parties are notified when messages and content are sent and ready for pickup.  Again, all parties are notified when files have been securely collected.

SmartShare is an easy to use solution that integrates with Outlook to create a seamless file sharing experience within your current configuration. SmartShare allows you to have full control over your information with guaranteed data sovereignty, ALL your data stays securely in New Zealand whist adhering to and even exceeding industry best practice.

What SmartShare offers:

  • Transfer large files with ease
  • Data sovereignty guaranteed; all information stays in New Zealand
  • Private server solution; dedicated and specific to your firm’s requirements
  • SmartShare extends your current IT infrastructure
  • Solution can be branded and included as part of your current website or built into your Outlook environment

Your clients and partners in the industry will be grateful for respect and care you have shown for their sensitive information.

So, ask yourself do I really know if my files are being sent efficiently and securely?

Be smart about how you send your files.

SmartShare: A smarter; faster; and more secure way to send your files.